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Using Bitcoin


Mixd E-Liquids now accepts bitcoin as a method of payment! To use, check out with the bitpay option instead of cash or card. Bitcoin is secure money that is used all across the internet. You can pay directly from your bitcoin wallet, without any financial information, and you do not need an account. 

  • Grab a wallet 

First, you want to get a wallet. A wallet lets you receive, hold, and spend your bitcoins. Bitpay will aid in this process. 

  • Buy Bitcoin

Next, you'll want to buy some bitcoin after you have set your wallet up. We recommend using coinbase, however many exchanges are available to buy bitcoin. 

  • Return to checkout

Once you have purchased bitcoin, return to your cart and checkout using bitcoin! 

  • Practice make perfect

It may be confusing at first, however, once you successfully checkout once, next checkout will be a breeze.

Additional information

To learn more about using bitcoin as a payment method, please visit the Bitpay tutorial document or click on the video below.  Let us know if you have any questions.

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